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Gypsy moth in Wisconsin

This website has links to information about gypsy moth identification, locations, pest control and management, aerial spraying and more from the Department of Natural Resources, the University of Wisconsin Extension, and the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection.

Wisconsin's gypsy moth programs

Gypsy Moth Quarantine Map
Click on a red county for contact info to report gypsy moths.

DNR Gypsy Moth Information DATCP Gypsy Moth Information

DNR Suppression Program
Counties may apply to this program to be considered for spray treatments if gypsy moth populations are at damaging levels. If you would like your property considered for spraying because of high gypsy moth populations, contact your local and county gypsy moth coordinators to make your request.

DATCP Slow the Spread Program
This program sprays to slow the spread of gypsy moth populations to the west. Traps are set in counties where we expect to find small, isolated populations of the pest spreading westward. Trap information helps determine spray locations.

Spray notification

Subscribe to receive gypsy moth spray notifications by email. Follow the instructions to subscribe to automatic, email updates of both DNR and DATCP spray activities. These emails will be sent daily, or as often as updates are available, from May to early August. You may unsubscribe at any time.

Aerial spray activity information is updated whenever updates are available on the toll-free gypsy moth information line: 1-800-642-6684. Press 1 to listen to a recording about the latest update from both programs.

Click on a blue or yellow county to view a detailed map of the spray areas in that county.
gypsy moth larva (caterpillar)
Gypsy moth larva (caterpillar)

What is a gypsy moth?

Gypsy moth is an invasive, leaf-eating insect that can feed on most types of trees and shrubs found in North America. When their populations are high, gypsy moth caterpillars can strip an entire neighborhood or forest of leaves in May and June. Learn more.

Who to contact about gypsy moth:

Wisconsin Cooperative Gypsy Moth Information Line 1-800-642-6684
Press 1 to hear a recording about spray locations and schedules.
Press 2 to reach DNR staff.
Press 3 to reach DATCP gypsy moth staff.

DNR Suppression Program email:

DATCP Slow the Spread Program email:

More gypsy moth information

- Gypsy Moth & Management booklet
- How to predict next year's damage
- Tips to help yard trees with gypsy moth
- Managing gypsy moth in forests or woodlots
- Biological controls
- Reasonable precautions to reduce the spread of gypsy moth

For yard trees and small acreages:
  - Pesticide information for home use
  - Professional ground based sprays
Aerial sprays for large acreages, 20 acres or more:
  - Updated guide to organizing a private aerial spray coming soon
  - Search for pesticide applicators by category

  - Btk and butterflies

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